Are you looking for a yoga class?

Today was an “I need a yoga class” kind of a day. Don’t ask me why. I can’t say I feel that way very often, but I was struck with the realization that being centered, focused and intentional would probably do me a lot of good. Listening to that feeling, I signed up for a […]

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Day 28: To consistently love?

Hmmm. Not even 30 days in and I’m finding it a bit of a challenge to write about love in every entry. Why is that ? And the bigger question, if it’s challenging to write about love every day, is it that much harder to actually BE loving every day? This might seem weird but […]

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Day 13: Thoughts on power, humility and love

Power and humility. These were the words bouncing around in my brain as I jogged through my route today. We’ve probably all witnessed people in positions of power who either weren’t qualified for their position, or who didn’t use their power judiciously. (That’s putting it nicely). The results can be disastrous, bordering on dangerous. Seven […]

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