Day 7: When love is like juggling

I thought that focusing on love for 90 days would be a great way to close out the year. It’s already been a little more challenging than I expected it to be. What I mean by this is… Love is a word we throw around with ease, without stopping to think about what it REALLY […]

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Day 3: Loving when it’s hard

Today was not a “kumbaya-ponies-n-cupcakes” kind of a day. We have some new security measures at work, causing me to suspect that I’m actually working for an offshoot of the CIA. Simple things that we used to do in 2 steps now require 6 (not kidding), email flow has increased 8-10 fold (still not kidding) […]

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90 Days of Love

Just when I thought I was running out of steam for this blog, inspiration struck. This morning, WordPress sent me a notice that my domain will expire 90 days from today, should I choose not to renew it. That means, in 3 short months, we will be celebrating Thanksgiving again and Hungry Girl Eats will […]

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