Ch -ch-ch-chia!

For quite some time now, I’ve heard of the wonders of chia seeds. It’s been tempting to try them but every time I start to venture in that direction I chicken out. Having survived intestinal blockages, it sometimes freaks me out to think of intentionally ingesting anything that is said to “slow digestion down”. That […]

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The ocean makes everything better!

It was great to spend some time outdoors this week – after weeks of gloomy rain. I’ve been missing the beach a lot, so when we had some sunny days, I took advantage of the sunshine and headed to the water.  It’s hard to believe that something I love so much has only been part of my […]

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The Hungry Days (June through October)

So yesterday I posted about my adventures in the ER, and the big whammy… surgery. Here’s a snapshot of the weeks / months leading up to that point: June 2012: After 3 years of being symptom free, I started noticing a recurrence of symptoms (stomach bloating, not feeling well, feeling tired).  I read the book “Wheat Belly” […]

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