Getting Unstuck

What a thought to start this day with … “if you try to comprehend air before breathing it, you will die.” I guess that’s common sense at its finest, and yet , for a good couple of years, i’ve been falling for the comprehension trap time and time again.

Who else does this ? Who else thinks if you delay making a decision or delay taking a certain action that you’re effectively avoiding making mistakes, because you’re limiting the ways things could go wrong ? Who else is realizing in this very moment that by approaching life that way, you’re also limiting the ways things can go right ?

A former co-worker used to joke about “paralysis of the analysis” . The little phrase cracked me up – but in my early 30’s I had no idea how much depth this phrase really carries. A solid decade (and some good traumas / heartache later ) , I recognize myself in these words. Once a person who would leap first, figure out how to fly later …: I’ve become a big fan of studying the flight manual with few real intentions of ever leaving solid ground again . Because guess what ? Crashing and burning HURTS.

The only issue with this is …. I freakin LOVE to fly. (Literally and figuratively) . Trying to foresee every possible issue and get ahead of it or prevent it isn’t realistic – and it’s not LIFE. I loved reading this quote today – it came at a time when it was genuinely needed.

If it spoke to you also, that’s great .That crazy thing you’ve been wanting to do …. maybe just maybe , this is it calling you.

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