Day 6: Finding love in the daily grind

Another good day in the books, as close to perfect as it can get! I made another drive to Ka’u: Received some pleasant news: Took in this view while watering B’s thirsty plants: Went for a sunset swim: Strolled under starry skies to dinner with friends (only a few blocks away): Laughed over bottles of […]

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Family traditions that stand the test of time :)

I don’t know about you but the past few weeks of my life have been freakishly full! Last MONDAY in the Starbucks parking lot: a sign of things to come!!! (The week was perfectly monstrous and I DEFINITELY needed extra energy.) On TUESDAY, I found a “sole sister” at work. Her story gives mine a […]

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Thank you for the love.

It’s November 30:  for many people, today marks the end of a month of intentional gratitude. It’s been heart warming to read my friends and family members’ lists of thankfulness.  As most people are wrapping up their records, I’m just getting started. The past month was FULL of blessings, and they just keep coming. Bear with me please, […]

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