Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins, gluten free , low sugar

In the past couple of years I’ve developed a therapeutic baking habit, which is awesome for so many reasons: my house smells great and feels warm and cozy and it brings back memories of bonding with my sweet little grandma in her ancient farmhouse kitchen. It’s truly one of the most soothing activities and oddly enough something that’s enjoyable to do alone.

Last night I was trying to shake off the remnants of a long week and decided to try out a new recipe, for Keto pumpkin cream cheese muffins. I was super sketched out about it because I actually have an amazing recipe for The fully loaded version (with regular flour and sugar ). This approach involved almond flour, coconut flour and monkfruit sweetener.

I chose to make this version because the 3 other people in my office are following a Keto diet and can’t really enjoy regular sweets. (And no way am I going to eat all of what I make).

So without further ado:

Here’s how they turned out . I ate one and it was edible … but not “good”. That’s probably because I like the full sugar version so much, and alternative sweeteners take some getting used to . It definitely wasn’t as satisfying as baking fully loaded yummies … but i felt like I needed to give it a try. On the upside, no worries about over eating these babies ! 😂


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