Rainbow Zoodle Tray Bake

Here we are, closing in on the end of April and I’m realizing that it’s been weeks… or more accurately, months, since I’ve made any meals at home.

I started a different job at the end of January and my priorities shifted. Instead of juggling a million unrelated things at once, my focus became very narrow: get enough sleep, make it to work on time, remember to wear office clothes 😂.

Needless to say, I haven’t had the energy or desire to make meals. Lean Cuisine at $2 a pop has been my saving grace. But lately I’ve been feeling like I should raise the bar.

So I present to you, tonight’s dinner (and my dinner for the next two nights). It’s called Rainbow Zoodle Tray Bake, and it’s interesting, if nothing else!

It was pretty easy to make – it involved spiralizing zucchini and cutting up beets and sweet potatoes. The veggies were drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with lemon pepper and a pinch of sea salt. There was a chopped scallion in there too. After cooking, I tossed it in a sauce of Greek yogurt, minced garlic, lemon juice, a pinch of sea salt and *dill. (I couldn’t find fresh dill and didn’t have any dried at home… so creatively decided to add a splash of pickle juice from the jar of kosher dill spears in the fridge.)

It’s hard to say if it’s actually good since I was really hungry and there wasn’t anyone to critique it. My tastebuds were intrigued by it and the house smelled delicious for the next couple of hours. But to be honest I’m not sure I would actually serve it to another human being. 😂

I guess I’ll have the leftovers tomorrow night with some kind of protein and report back on how it was on night 2.

Lean Cuisine is a lot easier and will definitely stay in the rotation … but since I ponied up and bought groceries I have to make sure and use them.

Time to put leftovers away…. G’nite !

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