Good-bye, “Hungry Girl Eats”

Wow. It’s time. I started this blog when I was very, very hungry. I needed a lot of nourishment, and it had a lot less to do with food and eating than I ever suspected. The healing journey of the past year and a half has shown me much about myself, about my place in […]

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Just popping in to say I’m feeling really grateful. 🙂 Another week has come and gone and I’m feeling good and happy in my skin again. No longer fearful or mistrusting of my body, no longer waiting for the other shoe to drop. And no longer willing to believe there are limits on how much […]

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Day 19: Dear Yoga…

Dear Yoga, Wow, I don’t even know where to start. You are changing me: strengthening my body, but more importantly, opening my heart. Do you recall, when we first met, I didn’t “get” you at all. I wasn’t receptive to challenge or correction, but you pushed me anyway. That didn’t go so well, and we […]

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