Is anybody reading ?

Well, this is weird. Nearly 3 years ago I wrapped this blog up and it disappeared from my conscious awareness. I thought that when I let the domain expire that my previous entries were gone forever.

Clearly I ignored all those public service announcements about things being published indefinitely once you post them on the internet. Because guess what ? Just yesterday, on my Facebook memories, a link to an old post appeared. Feeling nostalgic, I clicked the link, and there it was … nearly two years of posts, written during the most challenging period of my life.

On one hand, it’s kind of strange to realize just how many personal details I launched into cyberspace… and for what? But the way I felt as I revisited old posts confirmed why. Self expression, authenticity and VULNERABILITY were a crucial part of healing and recovery. And guess what ? They still are. That work isn’t over. Truth telling is a never ending journey. 

IMG_2530To that end, the blog is calling me back. Time for some raw, unfiltered, messy, hungry living.  (I wonder if I can stomach this. )



  1. Aloha Hungry Girl Eats. I’m looking forward to hearing from you again in this format. Hope you decide to pick it up again, maybe with a fresh outlook. 😊🤔

  2. “…it’s funny how in just 3 years so much changes … And so much doesn’t…”
    I was thrilled to receive notification of a new post on this blog! Three years ago, I was deeply unhappy, and ready to leap off a cliff (both literally and figuratively). In the space of three intense months, my heart shriveled to a hopeless shell, blossomed anew with radiant love, then went super-nova in a spectacular explosion. I’m grateful you were around to shovel the shards into a pile and see that they were cared for.

  3. HI Melissa, I loved reading your blog and look forward to seeing a continuation! You’re a great writer, but how soon we forget the ICAC warnings that once you put something on the internet it never goes away! 🙂 LOL.

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