Just popping in to say I’m feeling really grateful. 🙂

Another week has come and gone and I’m feeling good and happy in my skin again. No longer fearful or mistrusting of my body, no longer waiting for the other shoe to drop. And no longer willing to believe there are limits on how much goodness one person deserves.

The things that occupy my mind and heart these days are ideas of expansion, opportunity, creativity, love, fun, laughter, joy, adventure, risk, reward and peace.

Something I learned today – and just today – is that on a subconscious level –complete healing requires the willingness to separate from trauma.

Separating from trauma, in my case, began as a fearful, faithless journey. Over time it evolved into an empowerment trip; a pilgrimage of the soul.

I’m advancing daily in the direction of the fearless. And I’m enjoying the beautiful process of rebuilding faith. It would be untrue to say I haven’t been tested – but each test so far has delivered blessings.

For this, and more, I am grateful.





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