What to eat in Hilo?

Lately I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying some REALLY good food!

Yesterday we picked up lunch (from Naung Mai Thai Kitchen and man, it was delish!!!!

We ordered pumpkin curry with tofu, pad thai with shrimp and an order of spring rolls.

It was the best curry I’ve ever had: the perfect balance of sweetness with coconut milk and just enough spicy heat. I wish I had a picture to share but I was WAY more into enjoying the experience of savoring it. I did snap a pic of the restaurant though.


Another winning local lunch is the macadamia nut chicken salad on a bed of lettuce with tomato chunks, cucumber slices and fresh pesto dressing.

This is one of those meals that delivers true satisfaction every single time. The chicken packs a protein punch, the mac nuts add a nice nutty crunch, the lettuce is always crisp and veggies always fresh and bursting with flavor. As if that wasn’t good enough, the pesto dressing ties it all together in a surprising and wonderful way.

It’s rare that I find myself craving salad but this one finds it’s way periodically onto the “need it” list!

My third and final food crush (for now) came from the mainland, courtesy of my thoughtful boss.


I’ve tried to make these in the past and wasn’t satisfied, but these little puppies from Trader Joes are tasty and addictive. (A big thank you, T, introducing me to a new tasty snack!) Our Safeway carries a few different flavors of a competing brands. Most likely I will be trying them out.

And just a side note- in reviewing these 3 things it amazes me to realize that my tastes and preferences have changed A LOT (and I do mean A LOT) in the past few years. Life is so much more flavorful and delicious than it ever used to be. How fun is that? 🙂


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