Aloha Wins

Yesterday was a good, happy day. We gathered in downtown Hilo for the 2nd annual Hawaii Island Pride parade and festival.

This year’s theme was “Aloha Wins”. Inspired by the community’s love and support at last year’s parade, the concept for this year’s Hawaii Island Pride float included mirrors that would reflect the crowd’s aloha back to them.

Hawea and her mom spent hours
constructing a gold medal with wood cutouts and preparing the mirrors and our friend Wendy created these awesome flowers.


Friday night, Team Blanchard ( & Pyburn /Parr) rolled in with buckets of greenery and took this idea to a whole new level.



20140713-084258-31378125.jpg They, along with more of our island Ohana came together the next morning for final setup and finishing touches.

20140713-084806-31686865.jpgOur friends Katherine and Jeannette spent hours shining their truck to da max (even the wheels were polished!!)and towed this puppy in style.


It was my first time walking in a pride parade, and I did so to support Hawea. Even though the music malfunctioned and the crowd was sparse in places, it was perfect to me.

Walking the streets of our little town, hand in hand, we thanked people for coming out (no pun intended). It was special in an indescribable way.

It was an added bonus when the float received the 1st place trophy:



For Hawea and all who pitched in, congratulations on your win.

And more importantly, thank you to each and every one of you who enveloped my girl with your aloha and support.

Thank you for recognizing what this project meant to her, for showing up and coming through with more help and love than she ever expected.

Thank you for your patience and compassion – for coming together as family. You’re living proof of this year’s theme. Aloha wins… Because of you.


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