Big Island Independence Day

Aloha 🙂 I hope you all had a nice holiday weekend! The weather was NOT looking good when we headed out to Volcano for the 4th of July parade.

20140706-195728-71848222.jpgLuckily, the mist lightened up and before we knew it, clear skies prevailed.

We saw our share of interesting characters:

20140706-195730-71850662.jpgand put some adoptable cuties in the spotlight.

20140706-195729-71849451.jpg(Sorry, this one’s taken).

20140706-195731-71851554.jpgI was amazed that the weather ended up being so nice – and really enjoyed this view of Mauna Kea as we walked toward Cooper Center.

Later on we ended up at Hawea’s mom’s house while they did more work on a float for next week’s parade.

Then we enjoyed sausages with avocado and mac salad for dinner – it was good but it would have been even better with sweetbread. Since I didn’t think to buy buns until 4:30 that afternoon there wasn’t much to choose from. But it’s all relative. I’m well aware that being able to buy food is a privilege, as is being able to eat it.

20140706-221247-79967339.jpg It’s easy to take simple things for granted sometimes- but the fact that they are simple doesn’t mean they’re insignificant. Sometimes I look back on my challenges with extra gratitude because of the perspective I’ve gained.

Here’s a photo of Mother Nature’s own fireworks display. Looking back to my first pic of the day, I’m amazed at how quickly and beautifully circumstances can change, even when change is what we least expect.

20140706-225146-82306376.jpgIn a nutshell, this was a great day — full of thankfulness, and the joy of simple blessings.


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