Karma or coincidence? Rambling thoughts on a morning run.

It started raining yesterday morning when I was about halfway through my run. Right before the rain started, I was contemplating the power of perspective.

It all started when I realized the gum I was chewing (is it weird to chew gum while jogging?) had gotten stale. With no rubbish can in sight I paused for a minute and then threw it out…. on a tiny patch of grass between the sidewalk and the curb. In other words, on what is probably technically considered someone’s lawn.

Within moments, I had a vision of the yard owner stepping in the gum and tracking it into their home. Imagining the mess it could create, my mind flashed to karma, and I felt bad.
Then, just as quickly, I shifted to a feeling of righteousness. After all, since the gum tossing was an act of necessity and devoid of malice, I was simply delivering a cosmic order that was queued up long before I came along.

Fair enough, right ?

Not so much. Before I knew it my conscience replied that it’s probably not that easy and warned me to be on the lookout for rogue piles of dog poop…. Since obviously now I have it coming.

And now get this – my brain once again switched gears and I began arguing the gifts of stumbling into said dog poop, if indeed, that does happen. Manure, unlike chewing gum, is an organic material. In fact, it’s commonly used as fertilizer. (Well, not dog shit, per se… But really. Shit is shit. ) And wouldn’t it be better to step in a naturally occurring, growth enhancing substance that leaves no carbon footprint than to get mired down in a manufactured glue-y mess?

I’m impressed actually. By the time I was done I had myself convinced that I’d be pretty lucky to step into a pile of crap.

It wasn’t even two minutes after is congratulated myself for my good karma that the skies turned dark and the rain came down.

Ever the optimist, I realized that since I needed an incentive to run faster, I was lucky to be caught in the rain. I picked up speed and headed home, feeling all inspired and happy from the inside out.

In case you’re wondering, choosing to feeling good whenever possible is a GREAT idea, especially when circumstances are gloomy. That’s exactly what I was feeling as I imagined myself as an inextinguishable flame, flickering playfully, undaunted by the morning rain.

And then, this is what I saw next:

It was pretty awesome.

Signing off now, wishing you a happy day, and encouraging the positive re-frame.



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