June 23 is National “Let It Go” Day

Where do I start ? I got fired up when I heard on the radio that today is National “Let It Go” day. This holiday comes on the heels of a long and draining month – and I, for one, am eager to embrace it.

Life is FULL of things we can’t control – in fact – the only thing we really can control is our reaction to its cycles and rhythms.

And this in itself is a dynamic, expansive process. It starts with the realization that control is an illusion, followed by the awareness that we are part of something so much bigger than our individual desires and dreams.

When we recognize that we are actually inseparable from all that is, we can begin to release our resistance to going with the flow.

Day by day, hour by hour and moment by moment … A peaceful existence is woven by a a series of deliberate choices.

What does this have to do with letting it go?

Only everything.


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