What I learned today.

In the interest of being a good amateur doctor, I followed some advice from a Facebook friend to make Hawea some turmeric ginger tea.

This involved cutting and then grinding fresh turmeric root. Which is how I now know that it’s REALLY messy. Like, stain-your -hands -and- dish -towels -and -kitchen -accessories -orangey -yellow messy.

Despite the disaster it left in it’s wake, a pot of healing “tea” is simmering on the stovetop. From the smell of it, it should knock the illness right out of her.

In the meantime I’m traipsing about the house unintentionally leaving yellowish orange residue on anything I touch. This is about the ONLY time I’ve ever been glad that our couch is indeed orange.

While I’m hoping it turns out to be a wonder-cure, I’d be lying if I said the mess wasn’t a little discouraging.

Stay tuned … I’ll report back with notes from the field.

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