Attitude of gratitude

1. I love rainy days, because they’re a good reason to wear my favorite beanie hat. Umbrellas are overrated!


2. I love fitbit because it lets friends see when I need a kick in the pants (thanks, Beth!)

3. Thankful for Island Naturals and all the goodness that can be found there! Pad Thai noodles with chicken and sprouts ? Check! Random conversation with interesting characters? Check, check! >


4. Catching up with old friends/ loved ones always makes the heart happy. My friend Gary is a total inspiration. He makes the world a brighter place and is never afraid to take his place in it. Just one of those days that I’m feeling extra thankful to know him. PS: Lilikoi and margaritas, shrimp quesadilla @ Lucy’s = tastebud thrills. 😉


5. It’s the small things. Going to the grocery store and catching this view:

Coming out and seeing evening light…;


Note to self: There really is MUCH in a day to be grateful for. It’s nearly 5 am and those moments are pieces of yesterday. I’m focusing today on attitude and appreciation, because just like anyone else, I sometimes veer off course. Sometimes it’s just easier to spot what’s wrong. But posts like this helps me remember to notice and appreciate the small things. Because as small as they may seem, these are the things that add up, day in and day out, to tell the stories of our lives. The question I’m asking myself is, what story do I most want to tell?>


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