Easter Egg Dash and Unexpected Blessings

This morning we headed out to Hilo Coffee Mill with our kiddos from Project Visitation for the Easter Egg Dash.

It was our first time to the event (even though it’s the 3rd year they’ve done it). There were tons of people, live music, a dunk tank, face painting, a woodcarving display, the Hiccup Circus – with a juggling act, aerialists , etc; food, games, crafts and jewelry, market produce and plants for sale.It really was an impressive showing and the drizzling rain didn’t seem to slow anyone down at all. It was definitely a good morning – and we are so appreciative of all the work put into bringing the community together.






20140419-210541.jpg The kids had a good time, so we chalked it up as a success!

Later we went home, I was feeling lazy so I decided to head out for a run. On my way home, Di and Trish came by with a most awesome Easter surprise:


20140419-210819.jpg We’ve been wanting a kayak for a while so you can imagine our excitement at this unexpected blessing!

You mean we need water?”

20140419-211528.jpgYou know how once in a while, you just need something good to happen? This was something good. I haven’t stopped smiling since. (Thank you Di and Trish, really. You don’t even know how happy this made my heart!!)

Feeling thankful and blessed as Easter approaches. I hope yours is full of blessings too!




  1. It was a really awesome day. So many nice comments. We had over 1500 people this year. We love doing things for our community. Glad you came and had a good time.

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