Bask in it.


2014 is 1/4 of the way over already, and I don’t have a clue what goals I set for myself at the beginning of the year. In fact, I can’t remember if I set any at all. The surprising thing is… I’m very okay with that.

This has been a year of big change, and I have been so focused on being in the present moment each day that there hasn’t been much time or energy for anything else.

Turns out, taking a break from striving, reaching, pushing, clawing, climbing, growing, trying, etc. is just what a person needs sometimes.

I’m not talking about being a lazy slacker; actually just the opposite. By “being present”, I mean showing up, engaging fully, and then detaching from the outcome.

In learning detachment, I’ve found that I feel happier with who I am and the contributions I make to the world.

There’s a real satisfaction in giving my all and doing my best, even when the results are imperfect. I’m learning to own my flaws because they’re real. They’re true in this moment in time. I think I finally decided to accept the fact that I’m human. I don’t see the shame in that.


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