Early morning beauty… (And some happy, tasty eats)

One more day and I can officially say “TGIF!!”

Since yesterday was a state holiday, there was a mid-week break, which sort of made the week fly by.

I’m getting back on track with morning runs. Here’s what it looks like at 5 am when I start out:

20140327-203706.jpgBy the end of the run it looks a little something like this: (Yesterday)


It’s been nice to have clear skies with Mauna Kea in full view. (It’s always a good way to start the day!)

20140326-184455.jpg This is a view of it from our front door. What a beautiful sight to wake up to, no?

20140326-185431.jpgStill loving the green juice!


20140326-185945.jpgAnd the chia seeds in yogurt are winning me over (especially with chunks of sea salt dark chocolate mixed in.)

20140326-190003.jpgfor dinner, we had chicken tacos one night, and last night was salmon with pesto, asparagus cooked in olive oil and garlic, and yams. Talk about ono!!!

20140326-193658.jpgItwas such a tasty meal that I took the leftovers for lunch again today.

20140327-205027.jpg It’s almost 9 pm and we’ve not yet eaten dinner – eggs with salsa, avocado and roasted root vegetables. The veggies are in the oven now, and they sure smell good! >

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