Ch -ch-ch-chia!

For quite some time now, I’ve heard of the wonders of chia seeds. It’s been tempting to try them but every time I start to venture in that direction I chicken out.

Having survived intestinal blockages, it sometimes freaks me out to think of intentionally ingesting anything that is said to “slow digestion down”. That being said, some of the research suggests chia seeds are really good for people with IBD.

My experience with research and recommendations is that nothing is foolproof. Dietary triggers are highly personal for us Chronies – what’s good for one may spell trouble for another – and vice versa. It boils down to personal experimentation.

Today, I had a chance to try chia seeds without wasting money on an entire bag. A few of us in the office seem to be on a health kick and our boss brought in a bag to let us try.

This is what a tablespoon of chia seeds on Greek yogurt looks like.

I’m not sure what I was thinking but I proceeded to mix in a tablespoon of almond butter and a sliced banana as well. It ended up being really satisfying and I was full for HOURS.

I think i will need to try them a few more times to have a really good idea of how my body tolerates them, but if today is any indication, I may have found a healthy option to add to smoothies and snacks. Thanks, T!!

In other news, I’m still a huge fan of the fitbit. Today I walked in the park after work so I would have a shot T reaching my goal of 10,000 for the day. It made me realize how grateful I am to live near the water, and once again I realized how easy it is to get caught up in life and take all this beauty for granted.

And yes … I made my daily goal !!



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