Check out this two-tone juice!

It’s been a tasty couple of days around here. The green juice revival continues! This was a breakfast of the “Mean Green”, and a banana with peanut butter. Aren’t the kid-friendly dishes great? I usually go for the red sparkly utensils when I can. 🙂

This morning I made a batch of apple-carrot-beet juice and then switched to a green batch. This is what happens when you don’t rinse the juicer out between recipes. It looks crazy, tasted good. It’s a win.

As for lunches, my co-workers have been whipping up some delish dishes.
Salmon with pesto:

Chicken Alfredo with spinach and mushrooms:

Dinners have been pretty friendly too. This was a roasted chicken from Safeway (my version of cooking). Hey, it was good!

And tonight, the chicken re-appeared with some asparagus.

The only thing missing…. Is chocolate 😉


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