Inspired to live and be well.

Man, oh man! We were a house of sick puppies over the weekend. We started with a fun outing at Reed’s Bay, followed by an afternoon visit to the grocery store and dinner at home.

I share the water picture because there are no photos of what happened next. In a nutshell, it went like this: we prepared and ate dinner around 8 pm and by 3 am, two of us woke simultaneously and sprinted for the bathroom. (Thankfully this is a two-bathroom house.) Over the next 24 hours, 3 out of 4 of us became violently ill, the 4th catching up a few hours later. We spent the day in bed, ingesting nothing but ginger ale.

Today it seemed like we were all feeling better, although weak and worn. After a day of no food, this pumpkin ginger soup tasted like “nutrient heaven”.

20140317-220636.jpg I was feeling daring by dinner time and had a baked potato followed by a piece of rye toast with peanut butter and raspberry jam. That’s a perfectly normal pairing, right ?

All in all, we’re thankful to be on this side of it and feeling better again. It’s easy once in a while to take health for granted, even after all I’ve been through. But a few hours of not-such-great health is a big reminder of how fragile wellness can be. Back on track with self care. Indeed, it is a privilege.


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