Early morning running

Who wants in on my little secret?


(Pause….. Building suspense …..)


I really like running…

In the dark!

It seemed a little nuts at first but I have come to love the calming reassurance that comes from starting the day beneath the moon and stars.

Yesterday, I was surprised to see that the sun was rising by the time I was wrapping up.


I guess that’s a sign that spring is on it’s way!

One thing I’m toying with again lately is juicing. I really (and I mean really) like my green juice, but I’m finding it challenging to have time to make it in the morning. It’s also frustrating to spend money on fresh produce I intend to juice, only to have to waste in the fridge if I get too busy. On the bright side, Miss Hissy gets more variety in her little box turtle diet, but it still ends up feeling like a waste of money if it doesn’t get used.

Do I hear any volunteers to make me fresh juice every day? 🙂





  1. I have been considering juicing too!

    Can you share what type of juicer you use?

    Also, do you know if the juice would lose it’s nutritional value if you did it the night before and left it in the fridge?

    Thanks so much!

    • Hey lady 🙂 if you do it, let me know how it’s working for you. I just picked up a cheap model – DASH is the brand I think. It works well, my only complaint is that it’s hard to get it really clean, and I can’t figure out why that is. Maybe a more expensive model has the perks of being easier to clean. As for prepping ahead, I se to remember that the longer it sits the more oxidation there is…. I don’t know why but I have a time frame of 8 hrs out at most in my head. And store it in a canning jar, filled to the top, so that the lid touches the juice…. Not letting air in. 😉

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