2nd outing: Reed’s Bay

I don’t remember if I shared here that last month a few of us decided
to start a monthly hiking group. Our first outing was to Volcano National Park, where we hiked Byron’s Ledge trail. We had so much fun that we decided maybe we should throw a water day into the mix.

So today we got together at Reed’s Bay. It was raining, but we didn’t let that stop us – we were there for water anyway. Thanks to those who loaned us SUP boards and a kayak… It felt GREAT to be back in the water.

I didn’t really take many pictures – so these were swiped from Facebook. Of course … there was food. Turkey wraps with honey almond cream cheese and veggie filling (including avocado)

Veggie wraps with hummus; ham wraps:

20140302-142542.jpgFresh fruit

20140302-142604.jpg Salad

And lots of other tasty things not pictured. To balance it all out, tiny tropical beverages were on hand. 🙂

This was my 2nd time out on the SUP and I am officially in love. 🙂 Hawea came but chose to stay dry (some crazy idea about needing sunshine). It was still fun to have her there. And so…. While my peeps in KS, IA and IL are earning their badass “I survived winter” badges … We roughed it in 74 degrees and drizzle.

20140302-143642.jpgHere comes Hawea, holding down the fort.

On a final note, we got a giggle over this.

20140302-143907.jpg if you’re special enough to have a personalized hat (and you actually wear it ) you might just be one of us! If any of you who went are reading, thanks for a fun time today 🙂


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