Perspective : Sunshine and Snowflakes

Hey 🙂 Happy Saturday! Vea and I had a great day just hanging out today. I did a few chores and ran some errands, and then did a quick weather check. It was a little shocking to see the difference between here and the Midwest, to say the least.





I promise, I hadn’t done that check when I posted this picture on Facebook:

20140301-210620.jpg it actually makes me feel a little bad to running around in shorts all day. When the month is March, it shouldn’t be snowing and 3 degrees. That’s just not right!!!

Tomorrow is supposed to be a fun ocean /water day with friends, although the forecast is rain. If we get rained out, the freezing mainland weather will help me keep it in perspective, but I freely admit to crossing my fingers and hoping for a beautiful day!



    • I can sure try 🙂 She doesn’t seem to like the camera all that much, even though the pictures are priceless. It’s interesting, I was thinking of you the other day and something told me you would probably like to see more pics!!

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