Ooh-la-la: Valentine’s Day deliciousness!

Valentine’s day was sweet this year. I arrived to find some goodies on my desk at work. Inside the wrapping paper was a safety flashlight – which could come in handy on my early morning walks and runs.

20140215-174347.jpgFor lunch , my co-workers introduced me to a place called Aloha Mondays. I had a seared salmon salad on watercress and organic greens, with heart of palm, tomato, shredded carrots and lilikoi passion vinaigrette. It was a toss up between ordering that and truffle baked mac and cheese and tomato vegetable soup. I don’t think I could have gone wrong either way. The salad was pretty good, so now I’m thinking we’ll have to try more of their menu.

When I got home, Vea surprised
me with hiking shoes. It was completely unexpected and therefore really awesome. And and on top of that, she got her own pair and agreed to come hiking with me! Best unsolicited gift ever !!!

Later on we popped open a bottle of bubbly that a neighbor gave us around New Year’s, and enjoyed a valentine’s dinner of lobster tail (drenched in butter and garlic), asparagus and salad.

Charlie and I capped off the night with a bedtime walk,

20140215-175939.jpg and as we gazed at the brilliant, bright moonlight, these words on love came to mind:

Perfectly suited to the occasion, would you agree ?

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