Always learning

Today’s lunch was a splurge at Island Naturals: salad, cooked pumpkin, some steamed veggies and even a little tofu.

I don’t know how they made it taste so good, but if I could figure it out, I’m betting Hawea would actually embrace “the healthy shit”. (And if you know her at all, you know I borrowed that phrase directly!)

On that note, this whole intuitive eating experiment seems to be working out. I don’t know why it was so hard to regulate what worked (and what didn’t ) in the last year, but I’m grateful for increasing clarity.

Instead of rigid rules, I’m doing my best to check in with my body to see how it feels about different foods. Eggs, meat and fish in small amounts seems to be good, lots of cooked veggies, and moderate amounts of fruits are where it’s at right now. I have an appreciation for chocolate, but that’s nothin new. 😉

What IS new is the amount of transition happening in my life these days. So many things have changed with this new year, and so many things are still in flux. I’m sorry if it’s annoying that I keep referring to change in vague terms. It just means that most days I’ve spent my energy on the living of life , rather than the telling of it. But I want to keep you in the loop. Please keep reading … I’ll post something real soon.


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