It was a wonderful birthday!

Wow, thank you to everyone who called, sang “happy birthday”, texted, emailed and posted on Facebook today. The love was sure flowing. It was a great way to turn 37!

This morning I headed down to the park for a run, with thoughts of my mainland friends and family dancing in my head.

20140108-221903.jpgI try not to rub our beautiful weather in, but in times like these, I think a vision of someplace warm might actually be helpful. In any case, it was a lovely way to spend the morning.


After that, I spent some time in Target; then headed to the beach for a late afternoon swim, where the sun danced across the water, just for me.

Later, we made a couple of shopping stops later and then enjoyed dinner at Miyo’s. I truly love everything about that place.
The vibe is so mellow, and when the musician sang “happy birthday” to Charlie ( whoever Charlie was), I enjoyed it too. The very next song was “you are the Sunshine of my life “. I was pretty much eating it up.

The food was awesome. Teriyaki beef, sesame chicken, sashimi, shrimp and vegetable tempura, and fried oysters.

To my surprise, the sashimi was my favorite out of everything.

I’m really at a loss for words right now, because the joy I felt throughout this day is so much bigger than words can really state.

All I know is that in the midst of it all, I felt so present, so appreciative and so aware of the perfection of these simple moments that ultimately add up to a life.

It was a happy birthday, indeed. πŸ™‚

3 Comments on “It was a wonderful birthday!

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! πŸ˜€ May you have much blessings and abundance come your way! Have fun, stay awesome and happy always πŸ™‚ Much love and light shining on you!! ❀

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