Ka-boom!!! (And Happy New Year)

Wow!! We had some pretty wild weather here on the Big Island recently.

We awoke Saturday to a deafening downpour, but lucked out when the weather turned nice for Vea’s birthday celebration later that afternoon.

Sunday was a nice recovery day, and by Monday, Mother Nature must have decided that the big 4-0 was a really big deal. We had (what seemed like) endless hours of thunder, lightning, and pouring rain. Hail was reported in Puna, a 1000 pound boulder in the road resulted in road closure on the Hamakua coast, and a crazy sinkhole swallowed an entire vehicle that someone was driving to work.

I’ve never been afraid of storms but the clincher was the simultaneous smack of thunder and strike of lightning that hit close by while we were watching tv. Our entire house shook, there was an explosive CRACK!! and the power went out. I got a physical zap – leaving my hands and feet stinging- and Charlie flew out of my lap in terror. It was SCARY! A while later we discovered that a picture had been knocked off the wall and we found shards of glass scattered throughout the bathroom (a light fixture cover had shattered).



The storm finally subsided, and today we had a few hours of peace before the sky lit up once again. This time, it was a man made fireworks show – but it was incredible nonetheless. (It’s nearly two am on New Years Day and the show is still going. )

All this to say, what a powerful reminder of our place in the cosmos! I’m planning on a day of solitude in Volcano (national park) tomorrow, if weather permits . There’s something appealing about welcoming the new year from a sacred space. Looking forward to it, for sure.


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