Just sharing something I really appreciated in my reader today!


Do you love nature walk?

Do you love to spend time in nature?

How’s the tree look like in nature?

Is it organize?

Is it homogeneous?

Is it all straight and tall?

It’s hard for you to find a perfect trees or plant in nature, even though there are imperfect,all combination of green and living creatures can live peacefully and harmony and make a beautiful nature.

Look at us, as a highly intelligent beings, some of us we can’t live harmony and peace with others.

We can’t accept the differences and imperfection of others, we keep focus on the differences of race, color, religion,social status, and we totally forget that we are breathing the same air, drinking same water, walking in the same earth and our blood is RED too.

Learn from the nature, ACCEPT all beings,ACCEPT imperfection in all beings,  live harmony and peace.

No point to keep your…

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