Day 41: Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving!! I hope yours was full of warmth and happiness (and really good dessert).

It was, for us, a day of thanks, as I reflected on the past year of love and grace. This blog was born last year on Thanksgiving Day as we waited for our flight out of LAX. We feasted on overpriced airport nachos, and I was grateful for the privilege of eating. I boarded the plane wearing surgical hose on both legs to avoid blood clots during the flight. I was skinny and weak and still kind of scared- but more than anything, I was grateful to be on my way to wellness.

In the days since, many of you have followed me through highs and lows, celebrated my victories and shared my sorrows. For your support, and for the ability to share so openly, I am grateful.

Choosing to trust my body (and life) again isn’t always easy, but it’s definitely worth it.

Here’s a re-cap of this year’s Thanksgiving holiday. We spent some time with Vea’s mom in the morning :

It was so beautiful out that once we got home, I went for a run. It meant a lot to be strong enough this year to knock out a pre-turkey run. I covered 5.3 miles of sunshine, hills, flowers and coconut trees with mountain and ocean views. You better believe I was thankful for it all!!




After working up an appetite, we headed over to Beth and Lieren’s. We brought Charlie along to terrorize their cats. 🙂

Lieren did a terrific job with the turkey,

20131128-201744.jpgand I ate myself into a coma. 🙂

20131128-201845.jpgOf course we also had PIE!!

We wrapped the day up with a book (Vea) and a walk under the stars (moi). It’s one of those times this country girl appreciates an actual neighborhood. There was such a warm, wonderful vibe emanating from homes, as people gathered gratefully into the night.

In a nutshell, the day was good, and we are abundantly blessed. Even though (I feel) gratitude is best as a daily practice, it really is sweet to feel a collective pause and breath of thanks. As always… thanks for reading, and thank you for the love!

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