Day 40: Random things that made my day

Welp, Hungry Girl Eats might stick around a little longer! Here’s why:

The domain registration expired yesterday – apparently it’s been a whole year. I was prepared to let it go… You know, to “release” it and make room for the new.

But then I had a fun day and realized that I would actually miss sharing these random bits. I guess in a way, it’s become a part of me.

I’m still not sure about its ultimate fate but until I cook up something new, I might as well keep it around. Whaddaya think ??


Every time I pass this church on my way through Naalehu, I think of my sweet grandma. She loves churches with steeples, and used to paint similar scenes. I really wish she could enjoy this with me in person!

I also get stoked when I see the “Flyin’ Hawaiian” coffee bus:


Personally, I consider coffee to be a religious experience. Apparently I’m not the only one who feels this way!


Since I was working on a Saturday, I decided to treat myself. This was the first time I’ve actually stopped an ordered anything.

20131123-213151.jpgThe drink (caramel pumpkin on ice ) was a nice indulgence but honestly not worth the $5.25. The friendliness of the owner, the cute vibe and the fact that I was able to buy a fancy-pants drink in the boonies is what I paid for, I suppose. That, and the heart shaped coffee cube. 🙂

Later on, Hawea went with me to a Christmas art / craft sale. This isn’t exactly her cup o’ tea, so I reinforced her cooperation with dinner at Miyo’s afterward. BEST IDEA EVER!

This pathetic picture does no justice to the deliciousness of our food, but I was trying to be all low-key. The menu offers “very home style Japanese cooking”. I had sesame chicken with shrimp and veggie tempura and she had prime rib. We were too stuffed to try the ice cream (green tea or ginger) or the Japanese cheesecake, but don’t you worry … I am already planning a return trip … Maybe around January 8? 🙂

And last but not least, my favorite piece at the art sale.

20131123-214425.jpgI love the way it looks like a sunshine… And the center looks like the ocean breaking on the sand. Beautiful 🙂 My heart broke a little when I saw the “sold sticker” – but my checkbook dodged a bullet!


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