Day 39: Be careful what you ask for…

You’ve surely heard that it’s good to be careful what you ask for, because you just might get it, right ?

I think there’s some real truth to that! Today I woke up in my bed … In Hawaii. (Yes, I asked for this years ago, and lucky me, now it happens every day!)

Friends (old and new) checked in and reminding me that I am thought of and loved. (Meaningful connections – check!)

After a day full of work, I put a check in the bank (whooooo-eeeeee!! $$$ is always a blessing!) and then I ran into a yoga sister, who doubled as my coffee shop counselor. She listened and shared, and gave some friendly advice – “get back to yoga class- even once a week”! (Random acts of kindness and a bit of accountability check-check!)

Next up, a swim, where not one, but two honu, cruised along with me. (Daily access to the ocean and it’s creatures…what more can I say besides Yes yes yes?)


Dinner was healthy and fresh… (Yes, I’m thankful for the abundance of fruits and veggies – AND my body’s ability to receive ).


And then I was on to another blessing… Time with Hawea 🙂 – I feel lucky and grateful for the connection we share and the life we have built. (Unconditional love, encouragement and support… this is a no-brainer, I have asked and wow, have I received!)

And last but not least, a nighttime walk with my fur-baby, little Charlie Rose.

It’s easy to take the small things – like the perfume in the air after an evening shower – for granted. And that simple fact makes these moments even better when I slow down long enough to notice them.

My life is FULL of blessings – huge and small – and tonight I’m very thankful for them all. 🙂



    • Thanks 🙂 woulda been awesome if I had gotten pictures of the honu – that was the highlight of it all. But sometimes it’s good to just live the moment, without needing to document it. 🙂

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