Day 37: Sharky water and clam linguini

Did you enjoy Veteran’s Day yesterday? A lot of people I know had the day off, hopefully you did too!

I made use of some down time by heading to the gym to use the treadmill and elliptical. It’s pretty funny that I left home for the sole purpose of using machines that we actually have here, but the reality is I need a little different motivation lately.

After I was done with the gym, I took it outside. It was a really rainy day so the water under the bridge was muddy and raging…. aka “sharky”. It was nice to be outside even if it wasn’t ideal. Fresh air is still fresh air!!



Do you see the little waterfall back there? This was a cool spot to kayak into, so peaceful (when the water wasn’t brown and freaky.)

The best part of the day/night was spending time with Gail, who joined us for dinner. Hawea made an experimental clam and shrimp linguine in a white wine sauce. I slaved to make the salad. 😉 It was the first time I’ve had clams and I’m definitely a fan. Plus it was beautiful to look at.


Since it was a hit, Hawea’s now making some not so subtle suggestions that I open the cookbook that inspired this recipe and give something new a shot. Yikes !!

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