Day 34: Celebrating changes

Yesterday, Beth and I went to Kona for a little celebratory drive. It was the one year anniversary of my surgery and there was something special I wanted to do.

She asked me on the way home why I haven’t been writing much on the blog. I didn’t really have a good answer, but now I think I do.

This past year has been a truly challenging journey, and I am relieved to be seeing it come to an official close.

I have come so far from the place I was when I started this blog that it feels like I’ve outgrown it. And you know what?
I’m okay with that. Actually, I’m thrilled by it!

I still enjoy writing -more than ever before – and I have this process to thank for that discovery.

So my plan is to write and share throughout this month, and wrap it up on Thanksgiving Day, a year to the date of starting.

Until then … Here are a couple
of highlights from the week:
Halloween!! I was a “person with motivation”. Best costume ever, huh? Ha ha… It was my first day at the gym (signed up for a one month trial). It felt great to be moving again until… The next day. Holy lactic acid buildup!


There was such a gorgeous rainbow on the Hamakua coast yesterday.

Thanks to Gail and Haley, we tried poi balls for the first time. I wasn’t expecting to be a fan, but woah! It’s the best chewy, fried, mildly sweet deliciousness ever.




  1. 1. How do you take such gorgeous selfies? I just can’t, I look constipated in every single one.
    2. Holy cats, hard to believe its been a whole year. So grateful for your healing process and the care you got in CR (and from so many Mt. Mercy nurses!).
    3. I will miss your blog. Have I mentioned, I love the tag line?

  2. Will miss your blog! I love the way you write and your pictures, both food and scenery! But I know you will still be on fb. Love you

    • 🙂 I love you too, my 2nd Ks mama! Who knows, maybe I will still feel the need to post away, just with a fresh start? It’s been nice hearing from you guys who are following, makes me want to keep the connections open! 🙂

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