Day 27: It’s the little things… mason jar salads and super cold beer

I had a little more pep in my step today, thanks to all the resting I’ve been doing lately. For the first time in days I woke up without feeling cranky and bitter… That was a good start!

After doing some work, Charlie and I went for a little walk. Then I was even able to do a kettle bell workout. That’s a definite sign I’m headed in the right direction!

For lunch, I threw a bunch of salad stuff in a mason jar (thank you, Pinterest!) It actually worked pretty well. Layered from top to bottom: olive oil /vinegar dressing, cucumbers, radishes, tomatoes, mushrooms, avocado, and last but not least a couple handfuls of greens.

To eat, I just shook the jar to distribute the dressing, and poured into a disposable bowl. Nifty little trick. For protein, I mixed in a packet of lemon pepper tuna at the end. It totally hit the spot.

I can’t claim to have had an earth shattering day, but it was good and that’s good enough.

Signing off with a sight that made me smile:



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