Day 25: Best Brownies known to man (part 2)

So the other day, Hawea pointed out that these food posts are kind of cheating in this whole “90 Days of Love” project.

On one hand, I agree.

On the other hand…. I get the feeling that a lot of you like (dare i say “love”) pictures of really good food whether it fits the topic or not. 🙂

This brownie actually merits use of the L word.


It looks kinda gross but honestly it’s the best brownie I’ve ever eaten. EVER.

I’m a little sad that I waited until we fought our way through the crowd before I bit into it, because I instantly wanted to go back for more. My bank account and my booty certainly lucked out because all restraint melted with a single bite.

Other products for sale included the bacon caramel popcorn, and the salted bacon caramel parfait. Not kidding, I was kicking myself for not buying the “parfait” after I realized I could have dumped it on top of brownie batter and baked it, in a copycat version.

Now I’m on a quest to commission a batch (or twelve) of these bad boys for every holiday and special event until the end of time. 🙂


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