Day 21: Enjoying the eats!

Between a visit to the farmer’s market on Saturday and a few trips to the produce aisle, we’ve had a lot of fresh food in the house. It’s been awesome!
Well, that’s MY take on it.

Hawea, on the other hand, almost had a heart attack at the amount of fruits and veggies crammed into the fridge:”It looks like thanksgiving in there!”

Here’s a SUPER tasty breakfast that I had a couple of times this week: my original creation, The Spunky Monkey.


1 cup unsweetened coconut juice (with pulp or without )
1 cup unsweetened almond milk
1 candy apple banana
1 tbsp Nutella
Dash of cinnamon
Handful of ice
When I made it this morning, I also poured in the leftover coffee from breakfast. Talk about tasty!

The coconut water was an experiment, and a happy discovery. I really liked how it bulked up the drink and the flavor was nice too. It probably has some kind of health benefits too, but I haven’t really looked into that. All I know is it’s filling and this combination tastes really good!

Another favorite lately is fresh juice. It starts out like this:

And ends up like this:


Juice and smoothies are great, but I’m coming to think that actual food might as well contain nutrients too. This was an egg with salsa verde, tomatoes from the farmer’s market and avocados that someone sent home with Hawea. It was good, but eggs from local chickens are better!


Here’s another egg / salsa / veggie combination. Beneath the egg, a base of spinach, topped with roasted carrots and potatoes. It might sound gross but trust me, it’s good!


Not pictured: good old fashioned comfort food (i.e. tater tot casserole) or the Starbucks cake pops I have recently discovered.

I’m starting to think that when it comes to food, just as important as quantity or quality, is eating with love. More thoughts on this to come!


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