Day 16: Happiness is the way

I was cruising along yesterday feeling pretty good about things in general.

It was the first day of Charlie’s obedience training and it was also the first day of a yoga series I’ve been looking forward to. An oil change for the car was scheduled after that, and some other projects were in queue.

It was kind of a busy day, but all in all, I was feeling happy. Blessed. Very very thankful.

And in that moment, I realized, life is good because we are happy – not the other way around.

When we appreciate our blessings, instead dwelling on feelings of lack…. we are choosing to feel happy. And when we choose happiness, life is so good.


4 Comments on “Day 16: Happiness is the way

    • πŸ™‚ Doing more is good, as long as it’s more of the right things. That’s an interesting balance to have. Why do I feel like I know the woman in that picture? She seems so familiar to me!

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