Day 14: Five things I’ve noticed about love

It’s hard to believe that I’m two weeks in to this 90 day challenge already! For today, let’s break it down into 5 things I’ve noticed about love since I began focusing on it daily.

1. LOVE is a pretty broad topic. In addition to romantic love, familial love, and platonic / friendship love, there’s the love we have for our pets, our hobbies and passions. We profess love for our favorite sports teams (or in my case, pet grooming salons), beaches and and songs that play on the radio. We can keep it light if we need to, and go deep when we want to, that’s part of the beauty of it all.

2. Love is uplifting and inspiring. If you’re having a bad day, just do a google search with the terms “love” and “inspiration”. I promise you’ll find stories and images that make you smile and leave your heart feeling happy.


3. It’s easy to shoot a little love someone’s way. All it takes is being thoughtful. The barista at Starbucks obviously knows this. (To be fair, I do live in the aloha state, but I truly believe aloha is a state of being.)


4. Love isn’t always cupcakes and rainbows. Sometimes it requires sacrifice and compromise. It means giving up your one free day to team up with your spouse and clean the friggin’ house. It’s a choice to face “the unavoidables” with your chin up and eyes bright, and find a way to appreciate the process.

5. Speaking of cupcakes, sometimes food IS the way to our beloved’s hearts. Taking the time, and making the effort, to lovingly prepare food for another is an act of love that goes a long way.


Wishing you all another week full of blessings, inspiration and love.
Thanks for reading!!


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