Day 3: Loving when it’s hard

Today was not a “kumbaya-ponies-n-cupcakes” kind of a day. We have some new security measures at work, causing me to suspect that I’m actually working for an offshoot of the CIA. Simple things that we used to do in 2 steps now require 6 (not kidding), email flow has increased 8-10 fold (still not kidding) and work is starting to take on a “Department of the Redundancy Department” feel.

Getting the picture? It’s not the easiest situation to LOVE!

Thanks to a quick (Byron Katie-esque) reality check, I can see that my thoughts about the situation will cause more misery than the situation itself will cause. This is good news because it means that resistance and suffering are optional.

In essence, when things get stressful, we have choices to make. We can either:

*sink to the level of the chaos and grouchiness around us


*stay calm, focused, grounded and grateful and look for the gifts in the madness.

If staying calm and grateful feels good, we can always try this next: Actively send love to those caught in the chaos; offer a steady hand and open heart to anyone trying to pull themselves up and out. Choose kindness, grace, and appreciation – even when circumstances don’t seem to warrant it.

It’s not easy, it’s love.


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