90 Days of Love

Just when I thought I was running out of steam for this blog, inspiration struck.

This morning, WordPress sent me a notice that my domain will expire 90 days from today, should I choose not to renew it. That means, in 3 short months, we will be celebrating Thanksgiving again and Hungry Girl Eats will be one year old!

This got me thinking: I wonder what would happen if I focus my intention, energy and actions on LOVE for the next 90 days? Where would the path lead?

And the idea of 90 days of Love was born.

I don’t know for sure what this little adventure will bring. What I do know is that the universe is attentive and able to provide the resources, abundance and humor we need, exactly when we need it… All we have to do is let it.

Case in point ? This beautiful wedding that took over the beach today, of all days. If I needed a confirmation to focus on love, I’m certain this is it.





And yes, if you’re wondering, I love this project already!



    • For real?? I totally saw it as a sign from the universe to proceed with this project! I woke up that morning having decided to do it, then headed for the beach (which I don’t normally do on Saturday). And there they were…. It was beautiful.

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