Focus forward & enjoy the ride!

Helloooooooo! Anybody there? I bet you thought I completely jumped ship, since I haven’t posted in so long.

The funny thing is, it’s not for a lack of things to write about. I’ve been busy living life and loving just about every minute of it.

The holdup is the fact that this blog always seems to remind me of the uncontrollable shit storm we survived this past year.

While I don’t quite know how to move forward from here, I do know that constantly looking backward isn’t going to get it done.

A check in with my gut is tells me it’s time to focus forward and enjoy the ride of life once more. (Interestingly, I’ve been doing just that. I just didn’t know how to write about it).

All that to say: Hungry Girl Eats lives on! What began as a way to cope has become my ever changing tribute to transparency, authenticity, courage, humility and expansion.


I may not be starving for food anymore, but I’m happily hungry for life.

Thank you for reading. I hope to post some good stuff soon. 🙂 I appreciate you, always.




  1. You may have thought of this blog as “a way to cope” but I have always seen it as your “ever changing tribute to transparency, authenticity, courage, humility and expansion.” Glad you see it that way too, because that means you’ll keep posting 🙂

  2. Thanks Jen. It’s amazing what a challenge transparency can be some days. (Sigh!) I woke up this morning and for a second regretted posting. Maybe discomfort is a sign to keep on going… This reminds me of your post about when to lean in, when to let up, and knowing the difference.

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