Attention Deficit Disorder strikes again!

I seem to have a massive case of A.D.D. all of a sudden! In my dashboard, there are four half-written posts, waiting patiently for me to return.

Lately it feels that regardless of which way I turn, I see lists of half completed tasks, all calling my name.

And it gets worse! I just realized I don’t even have the mental stamina to complete this entry if I keep trying to write. Sooooo…. The “writing” (and I use that term quite loosely) is done.

I leave you with a few pictures that are hanging out on my camera roll. Enjoy!

Me and my buddy:

Today’s lunch: the hummus pita from Big Island Pizza (I added chicken as a special order).

20130801-222758.jpg Unwinding after a long day!



2 Comments on “Attention Deficit Disorder strikes again!

  1. I hope you’re ok. Sounds like me but NOT like you. I’ll be in town lots this weekend with the Orchid Show and Karen. Maybe we can meet up. Today is our anniversary. 18 years. Yikes!!!

  2. Ay ay ay! I read your comment but didnt know how to answer your question of if I am “okay”… Last week felt very weird and I couldn’t pinpoint a reason – I just felt majorly off my game. . I think I need to tame the chaos at home (clean!!) and that might help me focus everywhere else. It’s worth a shot …. Hopefully this week will be better. Are you in town today?

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