A whole lot of yummy in the ol’ tummy.

Hiya! Last week was pretty busy, with the holiday and the the weekend festival, so I didn’t get around to posting any pictures of what we were eating. Since a few of you have said it’s interesting to see what’s on my plate,  I’ll keep sharing. I guess I can relate… I like seeing pictures of other people’s meals too. Weird, I know. But I can live with weird. 😉

Here’s a dinner from sometime last week: Vea made chicken breast an almond and pine nut pesto, parmesan cheese and fresh roma tomatoes. We had it with with parmesan roasted cauliflower (my kitchen contribution) and a salad. The chicken was awesome. The cauliflower was just “meh”.

A few days later, the cauliflower re-appeared, this time on a salad, topped with honey mustard dressing (the only flavor we had at the time). Surprisingly, the cauliflower had a lot more garlic flavor after sitting in the fridge for a day or two.
Moving on to a not-so-healthy meal: festival nachos! Bueno Burrito was a vendor at the Pride festival. Hawea had a really tasty kalua pork burrito. I’m a nacho fanatic, so I went with the obvious choice: beef nachos. I’m not sure it was the best idea. They were REALLY FREAKIN HOT. As in FLAMIN’. Which was completely appropriate, considering the context. 🙂

This dinner ROCKED! Hawea had her chicken burger on a Punaluu sweetbread bun. I was a little jealous because sweetbread is awesome. However, for a salad, this was hard to beat. Fresh avocado, cucumber slices, a few hits of crumbled feta, sliced pepperocini, and oh yeah, a burger, complemented with ranch dressing. This is a good example of how we often modify the same basic food to suit our individual needs.  We each agreed that our meals were better than Hilo Burger Joint. Happy bellies this night!
While this isn’t much to look at, it was tastebud friendly. I worked late this night so picked up a frozen dinner: Weight Watchers Smart Ones Thai Chicken White Meat with Rice Noodle. I never really cared much about texture until I met rice noodles. I think that’s the reason I love the avocado summer roll so much. Rice noodle!!!
Next up: Granny Smith apple with natural peanut butter. Yum!
A pleasing lunch salad:
Sunshine’s turn to cook. (Thank you, delivery driver of Pizza Hawaii!) Half Hamakua Pesto Chicken with artichoke, half Mediterranean with alfredo, spinach, chicken and garlic. As good as it was, we agreed this should only be an occasional meal, because we both had “dough bellies” after eating it.
Snack time! What? I worked out today. 🙂
Last but not least, comfort food! Chicken breast on a bed of chickpeas and kale, and yes, more salad. I can’t even begin to explain why this falls in the category of comfort food, but I’ll try anyway. Something about this meal reminds me of … wait for it… macaroni and cheese. I know that sounds insane, and if you ever try to eat it looking for the similarity, you’ll surely think I’ve lost it. But every time we eat this, I feel like I’m eating a healthy alternative to the ol’ blue box. Vea actually knows what I’m talking about, and believes it’s mostly a texture thing. I honestly  can’t pinpoint it.  All I know is this is one of my favorite meals! Yum. Yum. and Yum!



  1. What did you have for breakfast? While I can’t say all of this was “healthy”, it seems like a fair balance, and getting healthier by the day. I’m still in the process of figuring out exactly what that is for me, but I seem to be on to some things that are working. 🙂

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