Homemade enchiladas: take two

Has anyone in your life ever reached the point of dropping not-so-subtle hints to catch your attention?

I was greeted by this when I came home the other day:


Upon discovering it, I asked some clarifying questions.

“I see you would like me to make dinner. Is this also a cue to eat healthier, or am I reading too much into this?”

Turns out, it’s just the former. This is a cookbook that we picked up after my surgery. At the time, I needed to follow a low fat, low fiber diet. Sometimes a cookbook title is just a cookbook title.

The meat of the message, is that Hawea is tired of me half assing it when it’s my turn to take care of dinner. (Why someone would tire of Panda Express, McDonald’s drive through, or microwaved egg sandwiches is truly beyond me.)

To make a long story short, the point was taken. I did some cooking-ish things after that. Like buying frozen chicken breasts. And picking up fresh veggies from the market. I didn’t get around to actually cooking them, per se, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Perhaps my lovely needs a little reminder of why I exercise caution in the kitchen these days!

On Thursday night we joined forces in the kitchen and assembled enchiladas – this time it was her recipe: chicken, spinach, mushroom, onion and cheese. Nary an avocado in sight. It was a pretty tasty collaboration and I think we were both happy.



I think you should feel very sorry for me that it’s “leftovers” night. 😉


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