A friendly, furry 4th!

Here’s hoping you had a happy Independence Day!

We started out bright and early, up in time to see the sun rise (that’s actually been happening a lot lately). The sun rising over the ocean is a pretty sweet view, if you can ignore all the power lines.

We were at the Rainbow Friends Animal Sanctuary by 7 am to help transport some furry four leggeds to the parade site.

I have to say, hanging out with a bunch of adoptable dogs is a great way to start the day!

It was only a little hilarious that Vea’s pal, Summer, needed to run off some serious energy,

20130704-214103.jpg while my little buddy Ala refused to move unless she was carried.

The parade itself was a hoot! Where else but Volcano Village on 4th of July can you find a mix of derby girls, a fencing club, carousel ponies, Elvis, Elmo, Hare Krishna and little kids dressed up like bunches of grapes to promote a winery? Yeah. Pretty much nowhere else.




20130704-215344.jpgAfterward, we took the dogs back, and I toured the sanctuary. Maybe I’ll share more about that place in a future post – it’s amazing! Touring the grounds nearly brought me to tears (in a good way). These animals are so super blessed. After we wrapped up there, we stopped at the store, then headed home to spend the evening with our crazy crew.

It was a fun and pleasantly exhausting day. Wishing we both had the day off tomorrow…


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