Adventures in kayaking (and other happy stuff)

It was a pretty blissful day in these parts: fun, busy and exhausting in a good way.

I kicked the day off with a jog/walk. The sky was bright and Mauna Kea was in clear view. Here’s a picture I snapped around the 4th mile when I noticed the moon was hovering in the early morning sky:

20130628-225003.jpgThis little fella was hovering on the roof by the front door to greet me when I got home!


Lunch was a visit to a new vegan Indian restaurant in town. I had squash curry, pumpkin curry and palak paneer. It was lovely and flavorful and made me think we need to try this at home.

After work, I met up with Di and friends at Bayfront for adventures in kayaking. We paddled out to the break wall and watched the sun as it sank behind the mountain. It was beautiful and perfectly peaceful. It was only my 2nd time ever in a kayak, and I couldn’t stop smiling.


It was more than a little hard to pack up and leave a view like this:
Not bad for a Friday night. Not bad at all!


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