Experiments in eating

My latest experiment with eating involves “food combining” for optimal digestion and limiting “white” carbs like pasta, potatoes, rice and bread. These carb-o-licious items are all highly recommended during a Crohns flare, but they pack the weight on super super quickly. Overall, it has been do-able to follow through. It probably doesn’t hurt that I posted my guidelines in huge black writing in the kitchen where I see it several times a day:

I ended up adding another item to the list: no sugary treats during the day. This was after my discovery that eating (totally delicious) sugar bombs sets me up for non-stop junk food cravings all day long. If I’m gonna eat that crap, it better be at night after a day full of nutrition. And it would help to be supervised. 😉

All this being said, I consider these to be guidelines instead of hard and fast rules. I think food and eating is such a personalized issue – some people can be completely intuitive, others need a tight plan and accountability system, and there’s plenty of room for variance between those two positions. It feels like lately I’m finding the happy medium.

Most importantly, I’m focusing on an attitude of gratitude, of self love and kindness, and enjoying the process of creating a healthier me.



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